Chester’s Restaurant is proud to be a family owned and operated restaurant since 1995.  Named after our beloved grandfather, Chester A. Hobert, who taught his grandchildren about a strong work ethic and good financial planning.  Growing up, we would not receive the typical toys and gifts on holidays.  Our grandfather, instead, bought us bank stocks, in small amounts, throughout the years.  He was always thinking of his children’s and grandchildren’s future.

After working in various restaurants throughout the years, both together and separately, we decided to go into business together and open our own restaurant. So, with our parents, we all cashed in our grandfather’s stock and ventured into the business world. We purchased the local “George’s in Harmony” as it was closing after 30 years in business.


Our goal originated and remains to be, “to provide a comfortable, affordable dining experience with unmatched hospitality and unforgettable food,”